Office Hours: To the Rescue | Amplify Your Brand with Mateo Garcia De La Quintana

Tune in with Nick Longo and Andrew Hochradel on Office Hours: To the Rescue! This season, Office Hours will partner with business owners, students, and freelancers to help them identify and overcome creative hurdles. This week, Nick & Andrew will be working with Mateo Garcia De La Quintana, a Senior Advertising Major at San Jose State University. Mateo currently has a side hustle in product photography and wants to amplify his current side-gig to be his main job. Join to see how Office Hours can help Mateo market himself efficiently, while standing out in the competitive product photography market.

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Andrew Hochradel is a freelance brand identity designer based in Southern California:

Nick Longo is the Creative Director behind Longo Designs, a branding agency specializing in product launches, corporate identity, and more:
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