No Evil

“It is believed that the world was once on the brink of collapse, saved only by the forgotten creatures of the past…”

In a long distant future, after planetary scaled geoengineering systems delivered us from the sixth mass extinction, histories have turned into mythologies, planet surviving events have become new creation stories. Machines that once filled the air, sown the seeds, fertilized the ocean, and dimmed the sun have long since been decommissioned. Their memories faded, but their stories live on.

This exhibition collects the decayed data, tales passed down, and the artifacts that celebrated and revered these creatures. At this decisive moment of our time, their existence is a reminder of what future would not come to pass if today we turn a blind eye and cover our ears. They are relics of our future redemption. They are No Evil.

Jennifer Chen is an architect and designer who works at the intersection of science and fiction, exploring themes of geoengineering, remote sensing, and climate change futures in projects that take the form of buildings, installation, film, and performance. Her work has been supported by grants from organizations such as Google Artists & Machine Intelligence and the Getty Foundation. Prior to her speculative and research practice Chen has been a project leader for Heatherwick Studio and LAB Architecture delivering a range of built works from the small scale to the monumental. She has run award winning design studios at the Bartlett School of Architecture in London, and SCI-Arc in Los Angeles where she is currently a design faculty.

“No Evil” Exhibition Film Credits –

All Text and Stories Written by Jennifer Chen
“No Evil” Exhibition Film Directed by Jennifer Chen
Creative Assistant & 3D Artist: Breanna Browning
Animation Producer: RAW
Animation 3D Artists: Santiago Ceballos, Luis García Grech, Dana Shaviv and Orin Torati

“No Evil” Documentary Film Credits –

Creator and Executive Producer – Hernan Diaz Alonso
Producers – Reza Monahan/William Virgil
Narration Writer – Jennifer Chen
Narrators – Jennifer Chen and Priscilla Hagen
Director – Reza Monahan
Director of Photography – Walker Sayen
B Camera Tech – Alex Velasco
C Camera Techs – Michael Rice/Max Batista
Swing Techs – Liz Smilek/Amani Alakeli
Sound Engineers – Phil Logan/George Wymenga

Editors – Claudia Fucigna /Reza Monahan

“Hear No Evil” Written and Performed by Sara Johanne and Jason Breeden

Additional Images and Video Provided by Jennifer Chen

©2023 SCI-Arc Channel



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