NEVER TOO SMALL: Diamond Shaped Apartment With Hidden Storage – Hong Kong 50sqm/538sqft

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This 50sqm diamond-shaped apartment located in Whampoa Garden, Hong Kong, has been expertly reconfigured by interior design studio WonderWonder to maximize both space and light. Cleverly designed custom-made wooden joinery blends seamlessly into the home, providing ample hidden storage and helping to define distinct zones within the open plan space. At the entrance, a striking curved cabinet acts as both room divider and storage, while offering a glimpse into the bright living area, which has been kept mostly clear except for a single sofa and a long, low built in TV unit that doubles as seating. The dining space, with built-in banquette seating come storage, leads to the bedroom area which has been raised to accommodate underfloor storage. Here, a semi-open bathroom has been designed with a glass partition to allow natural light to penetrate in from the bedroom window. A carefully curated colour scheme of cool greys, greens, and timber veneer throughout the home creates a cozy yet airy atmosphere.

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Project Name: 7B
Interior Designer:

Produced by New Mac Video Agency
Creator: Colin Chee
Director: Colin Chee & Nam Tran
Cinematographer: Alan Leung
Producer: Lindsay Barnard
Editor: Colin Chee
Together We Go by Sean Williams
Become Eclipsed by Divinity by The SoundKeeper


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