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There isn’t a social media platform that isn’t experiencing significant growth right now.
But what does that mean for your business and how do you keep up with the many changes in the world of social media and content marketing?

Tune in with Jordan Dené Ellis and Andy Lambert as they walk through the latest updates in the world of Social Media. Learn about the new social media trends and changes and how you can use these to fuel growth for your business.

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Andy Lambert is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Adobe, helping thousands of businesses across the globe to unleash the power of social media:

Jordan Dené Ellis is a Community Manager for Adobe Express, sharing her 10+ years of small business and online marketing experience:

00:00 Start
2:30 Andy and Jordan’s Intro
5:30 Importance of sustainable growth
9:20 Teen usage of social media
14:30 Short-form video consumption
20:45 Discussing BeReal
27:30 Using Keywords in IG posts
31:12 News is no longer the most popular
35:05 Organic Engagement Benchmarks
37:38 Reels outperform other content types
40:30 New Social features
53:03 Recap

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Navigating Changes in Social Media | Adobe Express | Adobe Creative Cloud


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