Myx Chair by Jonas Edvard | VDF x The Mindcraft Project

The Myx Chair by Jonas Edvard is an organic design made from mushroom mycelium (the vegetative part of fungi) and hemp fibres.

“I do research into sustainable materials for furniture and lighting and I produce bespoke artwork and design,” Edvard said. “For the Mindcraft Project 2020, I have made a chair from mushroom mycelium and hemp fiber.”

Composed out of homegrown material, the chair is made from several layers of hemp and mycelium fiber matte, which are moulded and folded into shape, and then grown into a solid shape. After three weeks, the result is a lightweight, aesthetically pleasing and strong chair.

Read more on Dezeen:

The Mindcraft Project 2020

Exhibition by Copenhagen Design Agency
Exhibition design and visuals by Wang & Söderström
Photography by Anders Sune Berg
Videos by Michael Sangkoyo Gramtorp



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