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I’m really happy to finally share my architecture final thesis project from the university that I went to. I graduated as an Architect and Urbanist in December of 2017. I couldn’t project the following years because I was selected to join a competition of the best architecture national final thesis. Then a few things got in the way when I could, but I finally managed to create this video!
I hope you can take some value out of this content. As I said in the video, I couldn’t explain everything, otherwise, the video would have been over 40 minutes.
My advisor was Professor Alexandre Ruiz. He certainly had a big impact on how I developed this project.
Here’s the link to my Behance for you to see it with more time:

If you’ve got any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop down in the comments below.

Here’s the project mentioned from Medellín, Colombia:

Know more about UVA’s here:
(this website is in Portuguese, but be sure to use the browser’s translator to get in your language, or search for “Unidad de Vida Articulada”)

0:00 Intro
1:02 Important things about the Project
2:17 What is the Project’s Theme?
8:15 Let’s talk about the boards!
17:26 Aerial Image

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