Mrs Fan's Plugin House in Beijing

This video shows the People’s Architecture Office repurposed rundown home in one of Beijing’s historic hutong neighbourhoods, using prefabricated panels to create a contemporary and light-filled residence.

The Beijing studio overhauled and extended the residence in the Changchun Jie Hutong neighbourhood using a series of white panels. The client Mrs Fan had lived in the house as a child until her parents moved to an apartment block in the suburbs.

Mrs Fan wanted to move closer to her job in the city, but struggling to find affordable modern accommodation she asked People’s Architecture Office to overhaul her childhood home with its Plugin panels.

The team developed the panels as an affordable and temporary way to update living spaces within the ageing structures of the city’s hutong districts. It recently updated the Plugin design to make them waterproof so that they can be used on the exterior of existing residences.

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