Moooi creates floor-standing version of "beautiful and iconic" Raimond lamp

In our next movie for Moooi, co-founder Marcel Wanders introduces the new floor-standing version of Raimond Puts’ classic lamp featuring hundreds of LEDs sandwiched between stainless steel strips.

Puts’ original Raimond lamp for Moooi, which he designed as a ceiling light in 2007, is one of the Dutch brand’s best selling products. Last year, Moooi launched a new floor-standing version of the design.

“The Raimond lamp is an important piece from our collection,” explains Wanders in the movie, which was filmed in Moooi’s Amsterdam showroom. “It’s an icon as well as a best seller.”

The spherical structure of the lamp is composed of two layers of polished stainless steel strips – one inside the other – which are connected by a series of LED lights.

A low voltage current runs through the metal grids, powering the LEDs without any additional wiring.

“The idea is that it has an outer shell and an inner shell made of metal,” Wanders explains. “The larger sphere has a positive [current] and the smaller sphere in the middle is the negative. The LED lamps keep the two spheres divided and makes sure they don’t touch.”

Wanders adds: “It’s a very intelligent, very simple but beautiful design.”

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