Monet’s Wheatstacks (Snow Effect, Morning)

Getty Conversations

How does this painting by Claude Monet achieve such simplicity and complexity at the
same time? Let’s take a closer look at the techniques Monet used to capture ephemeral
phenomena such as weather, atmosphere, and the effects of time’s passage.

Getty has joined forces with Smarthistory to bring you an in-depth look at select works
within our collection, whether you’re looking to learn more at home or want to make art
more accessible in your classroom. This six-part video series illuminates art history
concepts through fun, unscripted conversations between art historians, curators,
archaeologists, and artists, committed to a fresh take on the history of visual arts.

A conversation with Dr. Scott Allan, Associate Curator of Paintings, Getty Museum and Dr. Beth Harris, Executive Director, Smarthistory, in front of Wheatstacks (Snow Effect, Morning), 1891, Claude Monet. Oil on canvas, 64.8 x 100.3 cm. Getty Museum, Los Angeles


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