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The latest video in our Dezeen x MINI Living series features a concept for a modular housing system that allows residents to easily add extra rooms around the outside of their homes.

Designed by a team of Peruvian architects and engineers comprising Santiago Raul Nieto Valladares Arquitecto, Arana & Suasnabar Architects, Yuri Amed Aguilar Chunga and Keuson Saldaña Ferreyra, the design allows users to convert adjoining terrace space into additional rooms, according to their spatial needs and budget.

Each house is designed with a concrete base and central core, equipped with essential needs like electricity and plumbing for a kitchen and a bathroom.

A wooden terrace surrounds the exterior, to which walls can be added to form extra rooms, such as bedrooms or living rooms.

The architects told Dezeen the system was designed to be flexible and customisable to the needs and uses of individual residents.

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