Modern Farm Series – 30X40 Design Workshop – Architect Designed Floor Plan Packages

Our new series of modern home plans draws inspiration from the classic farmstead. Linked outbuildings were common in farms which were added to over time as the needs of the farm changed. Main houses were connected to barns with structures termed ‘little houses’ and ‘back houses’. The buildings were each carefully positioned in the landscape and near each other so as to shelter against the local prevailing winds, to collect sunlight, and temper the climate surrounding their everyday chores.

Each pod in this series has a distinct function: living, sleeping, specialty and service pods. Each is connected with a flat roofed hallway element. Every pod is further subdivided using a basic set of cabinetry elements, some fixed and some are movable. The advantage this separation offers is two-fold. First, it promotes privacy and the feeling of a much larger footprint than the small structure actually consumes. Second, it allows each pod to be carefully sited and moved to adapt to different sites. Smaller modules allow for a more granular site response.

Please watch: “Inside My Sketchbook + An Architect’s Sketching Tools”



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