Mike Webb – The Sin Centre & the Beginning of the Archigram Syndrome

Lecture date: 2009-11-05

As part of First Works exhibition programme, Mike Webb will be presenting his Sin Centre in relation to the beginnings of the group of experimental British architects Archigram (Warren Chalk, Peter Cook, Dennis Crompton, David Greene, Ron Herron and Mike Webb, 1961-74). Perhaps the most precocious of its six core members, Mike “Spider” Webb sprigged to public attention with his 4th year project published as early as in 1959. However it was his thesis project two years later, the Sin Centre for Entertainments in Leicester Square (1961-2), what granted him international recognition. The most celebrated and widely published work during the formation years of the group, the Sin Centre was repeatedly rejected by his examiners, and Webb was awarded his diploma only in 1972.

After the presentation, a roundtable discussion will be held by former Archigram members Mike Webb, David Greene and Dennis Crompton.


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