MAX Chats | First Takes from the Community: Photoshop

See how professional designers use Photoshop’s newest features, LIVE!

Join Graphic Designer & Digital Artist Magdiel Lopez on Adobe Live as he shares his first takes on how these features enhance his workflow.

Magdiel is hosted by Illustrator and Instructional Designer Kathleen Martin.

Join the broadcast and live chat on Behance to:

– Get first takes on new features in real-time
– Learn how Photoshop and Photoshop on the iPad fits into your workflow
– Get feedback, mentorship and support from creative community members


00:00 Start
2:30 Using Neural filters
06:00 applying gradient maps
10:10 Using smudge tool to create hair texture
14:25 Adding a bevel effect to elements
15:30 Where does Magdiel find inspiration
18:15 Using the Curves panel
21:00 Editing Hue / Saturation
23:00 Using Filters, Brush and Liquify tools to create a dripping effect
25:33 Using the Wave Filter Effect
32:20 Sourcing photos for composite work
36:25 Using Radial Gradient to Create a Sphere
37:52 Field Blur
39:20 What’s New in Ps on iPad
42:06 Checking out Alicja Colon’s Livestream


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