MAX Chats | First Takes from the Community: Adobe Fresco

See how professional illustrators use Adobe Fresco’s newest features, LIVE!

Join Illustrators Octavia Bromell and Renee di Cherri on Adobe Live as they share first takes on how Fresco’s newest features enhance their workflows.

Join the broadcast and live chat on Behance to:
– Get first takes on new features in real-time
– Learn how Adobe Fresco fits into your workflow
– Get feedback, mentorship and support from creative community members


00:00 Start
01:15 Intro
07:21 Using cloud features with Fresco
10:44 Brush organization and new brush discovery
13:11 New text layer support in Fresco
15:32 New Smudge tool in Fresco
21:17 Adjusting stylus pressure in Fresco
24:21 Using version history in Fresco
26:14 Timelapse improvements
28:11 Fresco on Iphone – using a third party stylus
34:56 Live streaming from Fresco
43:22 Discussing live brushes and how they work



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