MASTER The Von Restorff Effect: Psychology & Graphic Design

Learn how to master the Von Restorff effect to end up with better graphic designs. This is the first addition in a new series where look at the psychology of graphic design, I hope you find the Von Restorff effect useful!

I made a video last week based around psychology in graphic design, yet it was quite broad and brief. So today I have kept true to my promise and have started a new series of a more in-depth look at the psychology of graphic design. Today is the Von Restorff effect, which was first introduced back in 1933. It has since found a home in graphic design, mainly UX, UI and advertising. However you can apply the effect to branding and other forms of graphic design.

So tune in to todays graphic design tutorial, and learn all about the Von Restorff effect, and how it can be useful for you as a designer.

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