Mark Burry – Antoni Gaudi and the Status of his Drawings and Models

Lecture date: 2006-01-27

Much of Antoni Gaudi’s work seems to confound conventional architectural representation for building purposes, with serious consequences. The compromised outcome of several of his major projects appears to justify this statement – probably a major reason for Gaudi to have devoted a significant portion of his final years to developing his own conventions. Mark Burry delves into the status that Gaudi himself gave to his drawings and models, using this material to look at emerging relationships for architectural research, studio learning, and practice, and alternative models for collaborating with consultants and builders alike.

Mark Burry has published on two main themes: the life and work of Antoni Gaudi, and putting theory into practice with regard to ‘challenging’ architecture. He is Consultant Architect to the Temple of the Sagrada Familia and Director of MIT’s Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory.

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