Marianthi Tatari on Building the World's Smartest City

Associate Director and Senior Architect and UNStudio, Marianthi Tatari, believes that technology still can be an ally in humanity’s struggle against some of the most pressing issues of today, applying an optimistic approach to the growing controversies over the role technology can play in our public spaces.

Her talk at reSITE features her work on smart cities, including the Brainport Smart District in Helmond, crowned as “the smartest neighbourhood in the world”, in which technology plays a key role across all scales in order to create a living environment that is continuously adapting to the needs of its dwellers.

“We architects, designers, and urban planners need to engage with innovative clients, city officials and experts to create real-life integration solutions for what is challenging our environment,”

Marianthi is an Associate Director and Senior Architect at UNStudio, a knowledge-driven architecture and design practice with offices in Europe and Asia. She is currently involved in designing the new headquarters for in Amsterdam.

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