Today we will be making a vector badge logo Illustrator the easy way as part of this straight forward tutorial. This vector badge can be seen as a Illustrator logo design or simply decoration, whatever the reason you have for wanting to create a vector badge logo, I’ve got you covered in todays graphic design tutorial!

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What’s up people, hope you are doing well. Todays video is going to you making a badge logo in Illustrator. We will be making a vector badge logo design using various Illustrator tools and techniques. It is fairly straight forward and should not take you that long to complete. The end goal is a vintage style vector badge logo, made in Illustrator.

If you want to know hot to make a badge logo in Illustrator you have stumbled across the right video. This Illustrator logo design tutorial is perfect for a beginner and can be completed with ease in minutes.

As you have probably already guessed, the main shape for this logo design is an Illustrator logo circle. The vector badge logo tutorial is a walk through step by step how to make a badge logo in Illustrator. The vector badge tutorial requires a basic understanding and experience with Illustrator, mainly eating shapes, duplicating shapes, using the pen tool and knowing how to use layers. You can use whatever inspiration for the text on your badge logo, or you can simply use the same words as I have for the purpose of the tutorial. Colour choice is also up to you as that is not a fixed requirement.

The final Illustrator logo design outcome is a very cool and vintage looking vector badge logo design that you can use for print or web. That’s what I love about Illustrator, the fact it is a vector based program means you can export your work with less worry about lower quality when it comes printing, and it is great for typography artwork too. If you intend on making a badge logo too I suggest you design it in Illustrator for your vector design. I also find the pen tool easier to use in Illustrator than in Photoshop, but that is just a personal preference.

These types of vector badge logo designs were trending not long ago in the graphic design community, but even if badge logo designs are not trendy, I still think they look cool and I will always enjoy making a badge logo with Illustrator. There are many different styles and variations you can come up with, so once you have the technique down for making a badge logo, feel free to experiment with colour, font, layout and even shapes.

I hope you liked this badge logo tutorial, and that you did not find it too difficult making a badge logo in Illustrator. If you want to let me know how it went or anything you feel is worth mentioning, go right ahead in the comment section! I hope your vector badge logo looks great and hope this tutorial video was helpful! Did you have fun making a badge logo in Illustrator? Let me know..

Any ideas for future videos?? Comment in the comment section and I will look into it.

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