Live UI/UX Design with Zachery Nielson – 3 of 3

Join UI/UX Designer & Entrepreneur Zachery Nielson on Adobe Live as he designs and prototypes three unique experiences in Adobe XD! Today, Zachery designs a prototypes a music app for a smart watch!

Zachery Nielson is an American designer and entrepreneur born and raised in the Rocky Mountains. He is currently living in the Salt Lake City area working as a freelance interface designer and WordPress developer. Previously Zac founded Shelby Company, a design agency in downtown Salt Lake City where he was Creative Director for almost six years.


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Intro: 1:30
Adobe XD Performance: 12:00
Sharing design specs and publishing prototypes: 30:30
Opacity hotkeys: 59:00
Shapes in Adobe XD: 1:07:30
Prototyping the app: 1:30:30

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Music by Chillhop & Andrew Applepie


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