Live UI/UX Design with Kyle Grady – 3 of 3

Join Product Designer Kyle Grady on Adobe Live as he designs and prototypes a mentorship mobile app in Adobe XD! This week Kyle will wireframe, design and prototype a mobile app experience that connects mentors and mentees with one another. Today, Kyle finishes and prototypes the overall experience.

Kyle is a Product Designer based in Pittsburgh, crafting delightful digital experiences.


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Recap: 3:20
Work begins: 8:15
Using Creative Cloud libraries for assets management: 50:49
Resources and books for UX/UI designers: 1:03:50
Using negative margin with repeat grids: 1:10:40
Prototyping begins: 1:22:00
Scrollable artboards: 1:26:04

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Music by Chillhop & Andrew Applepie



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