Live UI/UX Design with Jessica Moon and Claude Piche from Telepathy 1/3

Join Jessica Moon and Claude Piche from Telepathy as they design and prototype a fictional app with Adobe XD! Learn how to turn a sketch into a working prototype! In this episode they create a fictional smart home app that controls night lights called ‘LiteNite’ in a head-to-head design battle. Who do you think will design the best prototype in 2 hours? Watch as they duke it out, and learn their design processes!


WATCH Episode 2:

Finished Product:

Claude’s Prototype:

Introductions: 1:45
Overview of Adobe XD: 6:30
Begin sketching: 7:10
XD workflow starts 15:45
How layers work in XD: 50:00
Wireframing and quick preview: 1:04:00
Mobile Preview: 1:07:30
Final Prototype walkthrough: 1:47:20

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