Live UI/UX Design with James Hsu – 3 of 3

Join Designer and Art Director James Hsu on Adobe Live as he designs and prototypes a mobile app in Adobe XD! This week he create an interactive prototype a succulent discovery app. Today, James creates more details pages, adjusts the design and layout and tests an interactive mobile prototype. Stay tuned and learn how solid content shapes solid design!

James Hsu is a Los Angeles based designer & friend. He’s known for his design skill, secret handshakes, and being remarkably chill & curious. He’s spent time as a UI/UX Designer at Walt Disney Studios and Live Nation and is currently a Principal Product Designer at FabFitFun.


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►Check out the finished prototype:
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Intro: 3:45
Work starts: 5:50
Tips for good UI/UX design: 23:10
How to paste interactions in XD: 42:40
How to use fixed position: 48:30
Overlay tips: 1:12:45
Portfolio feedback: 1:32:30

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Music by Chillhop & Andrew Applepie


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