Live UI/UX Design with Claude Piché – 2 of 3

Join UX designer Claude Piché on Adobe Live as he leverages a fictional design brief to create original prototypes in Adobe XD 5.0! Today, Claude will add visual design elements to the onboarding and scoring experiences. Stick around to learn how Claude translates Foosball Pro into an iPad app!

Claude is a Senior Product Designer on the Innovation team at ServiceNow. His contagious energy, creativity and go-with-the-flow approach allows him to create frictionless and enjoyable user experiences!


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Intro & Recap: 5:00
Work begins: 19:00
How to add images inside shapes: 25:55
How to add character styles: 27:44
How to add interactions: 39:35
Tips for designers: 44:25
Working on the iPad version: 57:00
How to get feedback on your work: 1:50:00

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Music by Chillhop & Andrew Applepie


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