Live UI/UX Design with Catherine Wang 1 of 3

Join web and graphic designer Catherine Wang as she conceptualizes and creates a sound recording app called VOX in Adobe XD! She’ll outline the MVP user and sketch the concept with pen & paper before moving into Adobe XD to create a low fidelity prototype! By the end of the segment she’ll design and prototype the onboarding and recording experience for VOX. Stick around to learn a methodical and intuitive approach to UX design!

Catherine is a web designer at Apple in Sunnyvale, California. She enjoys daily UI challenges and has a knack for storyboarding & iconography!


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Introduction: 1:30
What we will cover today: 7:30
Sketching begins: 17:00
Prototyping begins: 33:00
How to measure the space between elements and artboards in Adobe XD: 58:35
How to use the layout grid: 1:29:30
How to use shape mask in Adobe XD: 1:41:30

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