Live UI/UX Design with Adobe Creative Resident Natalie Lew – 1 of 3

Join Adobe Creative Resident and interaction designer Natalie Lew as she prototypes a modified version of Spotify called ‘Givify,’ an app that allows users to send donations to their favorite podcasts! Today, Natalie will deconstruct Spotify’s app design and rebuild it to fulfill her own user experience goals! If you want to learn how to perform your own user experience design ‘master study’ stick around!

Natalie is an Adobe Creative Resident and interaction designer from Brooklyn! She is currently working on a year long project in which she’s creating tools and resources for the user experience design community.


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Learn about the Creative Residency: 4:39
Natalie’s past work: 11:30
The plan for part 1: 18:30
Work begins: 19:50
Tips to create good artboards in XD: 42:20
What is the difference between UI and UX? 41:56
Wireframing pro tips: 1:07:57

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