Live Photography with Marla Rutherford 1/3

Join professional photographer Marla Rutherford as she teaches us how to capture engaging portraits! Today she will teach us how to light a headshot and pose subjects for a professional photograph. Afterwards, Terry White teaches us how to put the finishing touches on Marla’s portraits in Lightroom CC. If you want to learn how to evoke ‘the best version’ of your subjects & how to become a professional photographer, stick around!

Marla’s photographs have been features in fine art galleries such as Aperture in New York, Irvine Contemporary in DC and Musee de l’Elysee in Switzerland. Her commercial clients include ESPN Magazine, People, Time, Entertainment Weekly and WWE.


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Introduction: 1:30
Plan for today: 12:20
Work begins: 16:00
How to setup a portrait studio: 18:15
How to use a profoto beauty dish: 24:15
How to adjust lighting for your model: 29:30
How to choose the right angle: 36:50
Difference between lens types for professional headshots: 56:30
Headshot kit and how to get started as a photographer: 1:08:00
Editing starts: 1:16:00
How to do selective skin tone adjustments: 1:43:30
How to retouch hair in Photoshop: 1:45:40
How to fix shiny skin: 1:48:16

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