Live Motion Graphics with Caitlin Cadieux (Ae) – 3 of 3

Join Illustrator and Animator Caitlin Cadieux on Adobe Live as she demonstrates powerful new features in After Effects and teaches us how to master animation. Today, Caitlin will break down a logo animation she created for a client before building a new animated logo in After Effects CC. Stick around to learn pro tips for animating frame by frame!

Caitlin Cadieux is a designer, illustrator and animator currently based in Troy, NY. She animates full-time for The Atlantic and functions as an admin on the Motion Graphics Slack in her free time!

The newest release to After Effects CC introduces features for animation, composition and next-generation media such as immersive VR, data-driven graphics and an improved Essential Graphics Panel.


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Work begins: 3:00
Understanding the graph editor: 16:35
Importing Adobe Stock assets from inside Premiere: 34:55
Creating a 3D object in Cinema 4D: 54:40
How to change the color of shapes: 1:06:20
Frame by frame animation in Photoshop: 1:42:50
How to export an animation from Photoshop: 1:51:30

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Music by Chillhop & Andrew Applepie


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