Live Mobile Photography with Ashley Batz – Holiday Lights

Attention all mobile phone photographers! Join professional photographer and content director Ashley Batz for a session on mobile photography! Today she will teach us about lighting, editing and posing as she snaps beautiful portraits and videos for a holiday party invite! If you want to learn how to use your phone to create a professional party invite, this segment is for you! Stick around to learn how to use Lightroom Mobile and Adobe Spark to snap, edit and share beautiful stories.

Ashley specializes in portrait, editorial, fashion and lifestyle photography. Her previous clients include: Lucky Magazine, POPSUGAR, Teen Vogue, Sephora, Fitbit and The SF Chronicle.


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Recap: 3:45
Moving to the studio: 8:50
How to use professional photo settings in Lightroom Mobile: 17:00
Editing photos: 38:00
Playing with the s-curve: 45:30
Using Spark to create a holiday invite with text & video: 51:00

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