Live Illustration with Nathan Fowkes – 3 of 3

Join Illustrator, Teacher and Author Nathan Fowkes on Adobe Live as he references past work to demonstrate color techniques and create original illustrations! Today, Nathan teaches us how to approach atmosphere changes, color shifts and lighting within composition.

Nathan Fowkes is a veteran entertainment industry artist, lecturer and author with credits on 11 feature films including The Prince of Egypt, Spirit, several projects within the Shrek Universe, How to Train Your Dragon, The Legend of Puss in Boots and Rio2. He is currently working on animated feature films for Disney, Blue Sky Studios and Paramount Animation. As a consultant, Nathan has worked with Blizzard Entertainment, King, Disney Interactive, Riot Games and Ubisoft to enhance their theatrical presentation.


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Nathan’s sketch kit: 3:40
Transitioning from traditional to digital: 10:10
Time limits for sketches: 14:50
Atmosphere iterations: 17:20
Work begins – color shifts and atmosphere changes: 21:40
Balancing work life and personal life: 39:30
Over-working illustrations: 46:00
Portfolio tips: 52:00
Overview and homework assignments: 1:20:00

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Music by Chillhop & Andrew Applepie



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