Live Graphic Design with Krishnapriya Dutta Gupta – 1 of 3

Join graphic designer Krishnapriya Dutta Gupta on Adobe Live as she revisits and refreshes her thesis project: a fictional brand for kids toys called Playfully! Today, she will develop the logo for Playfully in Illustrator CC. Stay tuned to learn how Krishnapriya designs clean graphics and logos!

Krishnapriya is a graphic designer from India, currently based in San Francisco, CA. She has 8 years of advertising experience and is currently pursuing her MFA in Graphic Design at AAU.


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Intro & Krishnaprya’s portfolio: 2:22
Plan for the day: 13:00
Work begins: 29:13
How to find the golden ratio in Photoshop: 45:35
Resizing anchor points in Illustrator: 1:21:54

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Music by Chillhop & Andrew Applepie


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