Live Editorial Design with Brett Newman 1 of 3

Join designer and art director Brett Newman as he conceptualizes and creates a photography-inspired magazine in InDesign. ‘Assemblage’ will celebrate photographers and their connection to the world around them by giving them a uniform voice with individualistic vibes. Today, Brett will walk through his preparation process as he demonstrates the legwork necessary for a successful editorial design. He’ll then present the brief and concept before designing the magazine cover in InDesign! Stick around to learn what it takes to create a professional magazine!

Brett is a designer and art director at Hybrid Design based in San Francisco. He specializes in print, graphic and editorial design and his past clients include: Nike, Museum of Acoustics & TED conferences.


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Introduction: 3:18
Design brief and overview: 16:15
Advice for how to begin a design project: 21:30
Publication examples: 22:30
Work begins: 38:30
Special considerations for print type: 1:29:45

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