Live Design Entrepreneurship Panel | Adobe MAX 2017

As design breaks out of its role as an aesthetic amenity, so too will the role of designers in business evolve and change, especially given the strategic and competitive advantage that design-led thinking provides. Half a decade into the first wave of high-profile design entrepreneurs such as Airbnb, Kickstarter and Pinterest, this panel brings together trailblazers in the design world responsible for inspiring, establishing, and leading today’s most exciting designer-led businesses. With an emphasis on smaller and early stage businesses, as well as the importance of diversity within the design discipline, this dynamic group will tackle the question of if it’s a better or worse climate for designers to be entrepreneurs today compared to 5 years ago and share their insights on what it takes to be successful in this space. Tune into the live stream from MAX at on Wednesday, 10/18 @ 5pm PDT.
Moderated by Adobe Principal Designer Khoi Vinh, this panel of industry leaders will feature:
· Joey Cofone, Designer, CEO and co-founder Baron Fig
· Tiffany Chu, Designer and Co-founder of Remix
· Tricia Choi, Designer and Co-founder of Movewith
· Enrique Allen, Co-Director of DesignerFund



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