Less is More Sustainable – 5 Principles for Sustainable Home Design

How do you achieve a sustainable home? Is it the orientation, materials, and all the technology, such as solar panels, or is it simply doing less? Sustainable architecture is about working with the environment, not against it, to reduce its negative impact on the environment.

In this video, I talk about five key design principles for a sustainable home, from passive design to materials, and how sustainability does not need to be complex; but rather, a simple approach can result in your home being cheaper to run, healthier, more comfortable to live in, and is respectful of the climate and kinder to the planet.

Keep in mind that I talk about these design principles broadly. If you wish to apply these to your own future home design, you will need to consider things like where you live, context, climate, access, budget, personal needs, etc.

00:00 – Introduction
00:36 – Principle 1 – Passive Design
01:39 – Principle 2 – Energy Efficient
02:10 – Principle 3 – Systems and Technology
03:13 – Principle 4 – Footprint
04:02 – Principle 5 – Materials
04:46 – Conclusion

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