Lecture: “Urban Transformation” by Rune Veile

Using urban challenges as a driver for positive urban developments.

How to create sustainable cities for the future? And how to use the challenges cities are facing in a positive way in order to generate both urban life and a possibility for investments. These are some of the questions that URBAN POWER have been asking themselves in their work with urban planning and urban design. The built environment already takes up a lot of space, and in order to be more sustainable we need to transform our existing cities. URBAN POWER is working in the field of urban transformation with a focus on transforming existing urban structures, urban spaces as well as buildings.

Many of our existing communities worldwide are planned in the late modernistic period following World War 2. The urban planning carried out during this period has led to many problems in terms of cities without urban life, a great deal of monotony and often poor building quality as well. URBAN POWERs solutions include strategies for breathing life back into dying communities, temporary use of urban space and designs that bring both social interaction and physical activities in to the urban space.

Some of the main challenges today and in the near future in urban development are adapting to climate changes, making traffic sustainable and making sure that cities function well both financially, politically and social. URBAN POWER are working with these issues in an attempt to create maximum value for both the cities and the people living there.

Urban power calls themselves proactive urbanists, because many of their projects starts without a client. They propose solutions that can improve the city and they participate in the political debate.This method has led to some of URBAN POWERS most interesting projects. The lecture will address all the aspects of urban transformation and be explained through URBAN POWERs projects and proposals in and around Denmark.

Rune Veile, architect and partner, is one of driving forces behind URBAN POWER. He is managing many of the companys large scale projects as well as building scale projects. Rune has an energetic mind and a creative head, and works innovatively in complex projects. He has the ability to see the essentials of each project and manage to emphasize and cultivate the qualities within the individual cases. Through his more than 12 years as architect, Rune has been in charge of the design of a number of complex projects. Further more, Rune Veile has been appointed jury member of architecture competitions in the danish architectural association since 2015.
*Organized with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark in Ukraine.


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