Lecture: “The «top down bottom-up» challenge”

How to activate urban life in the context of macro-investment-leaded top-down planning? This main question of contemporary urban planning shows the dilemma between the opposite needs of top-down and bottom-up development. One perspective asks to concentrate urban production in a top-down process to respond to a growing demand for affordable and ecological housing and infrastructure. The other perspective refers to the experiences of participative planning of the last years, that shows the importance of investment of social capital by local activities und local economies. The lecture will show some examples, how to integrate this contradictory positions in urban planning and developing processes.

Philippe Cabane was born in Basel. After his graduation in sociology, philosophy and human geography at the University of Basle, he went to graduate at Prof. Françpise Choay’s chair at the Institut Français d’Urbanisme in Paris, Marne-la-Vallée. His practical experience covers positions as the scientific researcher at the ETH Zurich, as the editor at the journal tec21 and as planner in liberal position, where he got large experiences in cooperative and participative urban design processes. He founded with Sarah Zussy the practice Cabane Partner in Basle. His work focusses on actor-based planning and developing strategies. Important projects are the urban development of the port area in Basle (since 2008), the conversion projects for the «Kaserne Basel» and «Feuerwehrkaserne Viktoria Bern» or the strategie for a feeding and productive landscape in the Ecoquartier les Vergers in Meyrin (Geneva).

Admission by registration.

Lecture is organised with support of the Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine.


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