Lecture: Erik Rietveld – Architecture and Affordances (Het Nieuwe Instituut, 18 October 2018)


To mark the opening of the exhbition Habitat: Expanding Architecture, this lecture by Erik Rietveld explored the relationship between ecological psychology, the philosophy of ‘affordances’, and architecture. Erik Rietveld is, together with his brother architect Ronald Rietveld, founding partner of studio RAAAF [Rietveld Architecture-Art-Affordances].

RAAAF works at the crossroads of architecture, art, and philosophy. The philosophy of ‘affordances’ is a central element in its work. Affordance, a concept first formulated by ecological psychologist James Gibson, designates possibilities for action provided by the environment. In his lecture, Erik Rietveld explains how this notion plays a role in RAAAF’s projects.

Source by Het Nieuwe Instituut

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