Learn UX Research – What is Card Sorting and the Difference Between Open vs. Closed Card Sorts

Learn how to run UX card sorting tests for your products!
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Nielsen Norman Group article on card sorting – https://www.nngroup.com/articles/card-sorting-definition/

This video goes some high level information about how to run card sorting tests. Card sorting is a great way to uncover how your users think about various pieces of information, a.k.a. to uncover their mental models. This is a commonly used technique in UX research, and will greatly benefit your projects once you learn how to do it! It’s very easy to conduct, and the information gained can provide immense value to the projects you’re working on.

Card sorting is IDEAL for working through website or product information architecture as it will help you learn more about how people categorize content. When you can understand how people categorize and group various pieces of information, you can quickly find a path to making that information easy to discover.

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