Joris Laaman – The Rise of Industrialisation and Middle-Class

Lecture date: 2006-11-02

The Rise of Industrialisation and Middle-Class vs. The Fall of Quality and Authenticity and What Comes After

Joris Laarman reveals how crafts, engineering and processes can be used as jurisprudence for creating beauty rather than for primarily functional purposes. Further, he seeks to demonstrate that so-called efficiency is the reason why very few innovative, exciting and meaningful things are being produced.

Joris Laarman combined study at the Academy of Fine Arts and the Design Academy in Eindhoven. He gained notoriety in 2003 with his functional rococo radiator ‘Heatwave’, produced by Droog design and now part of several museum collections. The same year he set up the Joris Laarman Laboratory which concentrates on architectural interventions and product design, ‘mixing engineering with poetry’.



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