John Ng – Elsewhere

Lecture date: 2017-03-07

‘Resist the attempt to construct an argument’, flashes William Kentridge. / Pressurise air and make a continuous space, experience and breathe it all in with spectacular brevity. / A ceramic landscape for skinny dipping in winter. / Time is a spatial organisation. / Varnished fake nails are pretty water-proof. / Grow and carefully tend to the tallest topiary in the world. / A model so big it becomes its own inhabitable subject. / Forget about junkspace, we should really think about projects that can only be completed after we are dead. / The roof is a great big fascinator for an amorous building. Just don’t mention the rain. / To understand culture, one must eat it. In one beautiful gulp. / Work on these, don’t google it.

John Ng practises and teaches architecture in London. He has been teaching as First Year Studio Master at AA since 2012. Elsewhere was founded with a focus on competitions as a way to imagine a repertoire of architectural projects. Several projects by Elsewhere have been awarded first prize and commendation in international competitions.


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