Islands and Villages | Kazuyo Sejima on Inujima

In Japan, architects are looking beyond the city in order to reinvent their practice. In this documentary series, Kayoko Ota visits some of the rural sites where this experimentation is taking place, interviewing practitioners to understand how this posturban turn might help articulate a new architecture for today.

Since 2010, Kazuyo Sejima has been involved in an unusual program for regenerating the small island community of Inujima. Working within a dense network of local residents, visiting artists, students, and tourists, Sejima directs a series of precise interventions that engage site-specific histories and landscape considerations. In this video, the architect outlines her process, discusses the benefits of working with the “smallness” of the island’s context, and explains how her experience on Inujima has opened her eyes to the capacity of architects and users to actively shape the environment around them.

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