Inner Skyscraper As Symbol Of Cultural Strength

Inner Skyscraper As Symbol Of Cultural Strength

Honorable Mention
2021 Skyscraper Competition

Xiaoguang Chen, Jinting Sui, Xufeng Tai, Xiaotong Ma, Bai Lig

In China, Urban sprawl and overdevelopment have led to serious urban problems. There are crumbling building blocks in the middle of the city. At the same time, with the encroachment of land, a large number of local cultures, animals, and plants disappeared. In this era with the economy as the core, what is worth pursuing, what kind of future city symbol — “skyscraper” will be? We take the unfinished buildings, the product of urban sprawl as the carrier, Through modular customization, lightweight recyclable materials are assembled in factories into boxes of varying sizes,and implant the personalized space with culture as the theme that meets the needs of contemporary society. These boxes are based on the cost control requirements of the development timeline. Hanging on the traffic core one after another. A large one-time investment in traditional construction is avoided. Each box records the cultural changes of the city, and the building continues to grow with people’s more importance attention to culture. Through the reuse of the unfinished buildings in the city, this project solves the problem of resource waste caused by developers’ wrong judgment of future urban construction.

We hope the government can cooperate with the developers to make use of and transform the unfinished buildings and make them a cultural space with public attributes. Let people in it, to feel the lost culture and spirit of the city. We hope that in the future, the skyscraper will be redefined, perhaps not as a symbol of economic prosperity, but as a symbol of cultural strength. The skyscraper with cultural connotations designed by us is the new birth of the unfinished building. It keeps growing, from Nothing to Something to Brimming, After the spiritual level has reached fullness, It reminds people of what is really great? what is the true pursuit? what is the symbol of the whole city?

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