Illustrations of the Golden State Warriors with Rob Zilla – 2 of 2

Join Vector Art Monster Rob Zilla on Adobe Live as he creates an original illustration a day inspired by the Golden State Warriors using Adobe Fresco! This week Rob will incorporate real time feedback from our viewers in his design process.

Through the whole month of October, we’re celebrating drawing with The Big Draw and Apple. Rob Zilla, and other incredible creatives are teaching Adobe Fresco at Apple stores worldwide. Click here to find a session near you:

Robert Generette III is an award-winning illustrator and educator, best known for his mobile illustration wizardry.


Join us LIVE on Behance:
Check out part 1:

Intro & Recap: 1:12
Work begins: 6:03
Filling in the shapes: 12:02
How to draw hands: 18:28
Shading begins: 22:02
Tips for beginners: 33:01
How to share your work with Adobe Fresco: 54:20




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