Illustration Masterclass with Kyle T. Webster – Fresco 2.0 Overview

Learn all about the newest features in Adobe Fresco from the Adobe MAX 2020 release, including Smudge, Capture Ribbon Brushes, Fonts, Pressure Curves, Livestreaming, High-Res Timelapse Export, and more!
00:00 start
1:25 Smudge Tool Settings in Fresco
15:40 Using Finger Touch Smudge
16:45 Smudging in a Painterly Way
18:10 Smudging with the Rake
19:35 Different Document Versions
22:25 Multicolor Eyedropper Tool
28:45 Changing Color on Saved Multicolor Swatch Brush
29:18 Using the Type Tool
35:45 How to Manage Brushes in Fresco
37:25 How to Edit Pressure Settings
42:00 Creating Custom Brushes
43:20 Capture Ribbon Brushes
46:35 How to Create a Capture Ribbon Brush
52:25 Client Comments in Fresco



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