Illustration Masterclass – Use Reference to Draw Cartoon Animals

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One of the keys to creating good animal characters in your comics and cartoon work is to use photo reference and learn about the specific features of the animal you are ‘cartoonifying.’ Kyle T. Webster will give you some tips in this episode of Illustration Masterclass on Adobe Live.




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To watch with Subtitles/closed captions, click the CC icon in the lower-right corner.
00:00 Start
02:45 Reference for hippos
05:44 Breaking down reference
11:45 Exaggerating forms to cartoonify the hippo reference
16:51 Continuing to simplify the cartoon hippo
20:35 Anthropomorphizing the cartoon hippo
27:57 Ostrich reference analysis
34:13 Exaggerating the ostrich shapes
37:33 Creating an anthropomorphized ostrich cartoon
43:27 Working with lion reference
45:53 Breaking down the lion reference
49:36 Creating a profile view of the lion
51:13 Exaggerating the lion into a cartoon
53:07 Cartoonifying the lion


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