Illustration Masterclass: Make Better Fan Art

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Many artists love to create fan art, but it serves little purpose if you can’t bring your own creative voice to the work. Kyle T. Webster will show you how to create fan art that stands out in this episode of Illustration Masterclass.

00:00 Start
05:14 Creating fan art using your own voice – Over the Garden Wall characters
08:42 Making creative choices with fan art that distinguishes it from the original
13:15 Creating line work from the sketch – keeping warm tones
19:09 Continuing the line work
26:21 Fixing problem areas – corrective changes
32:58 Working on the background – lasso shapes and texture brushes
38:39 Continued background work, using masks for the characters
42:29 Fixing the under brush silhouette with the lasso tool
43:20 Inking demo – discussing technique
47:13 Layering tall grass with lasso shapes and texture brushes
48:46 Blocking in the forest background
52:14 Blocking in color for the characters – using masks
54:15 Kyle’s tree trick


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