Illustrating Characters in Vector with Aurélia Durand – 2 of 2

Join illustrator Aurélia Durand and host Jasmine Whitaker on Adobe Live! Follow Aurélia’s full character illustration workflow in Adobe Illustrator. On Day 1, Aurélia will turn sketches into an original vector character illustration using the pen tool and custom brushes. On day 2, learn how Aurélia places this character into different environments using her own original patterns. Stick around to learn how she uses Creative Cloud Libraries to import and manage all of her assets!

Guest Aurélia Durand is an illustrator and graphic artist based in Paris, France:

Host Jasmine Whitaker is a Content Creator & Curator for Adobe in San Francisco:
Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
02:50 Recap of day 1 and introduction
11:15 Aurélia’s inspirational images
18:14 Starting illustration in AI
24:11 Aurélia discusses how to create a business from your art
30:35 Instagram (social media) as a good way to use your voice as introvert
37:41 How Aurelia started and learned to use Illustrator
45:35 Discussion of how there are multiple paths to success
50:56 Keeping your success in perspective
1:02:51 Aurelia discussing working from a sketch vs. directly drawing in AI
1:08:05 Aurelia’s favorite subject to draw
1:16:15 Showing Aurelia’s book illustrations
1:18:35 Illustrating the face
1:22:00 Seeking advice from art directors and reaching out to industry professionals
1:30:45 Review of the PS Daily Creative Challenge
1:43:54 Continuing work on the illustration


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