I Hired $5 Logo Designers – This Is What I Got (LOGO ANALYSIS)

5 dollar logo designs, really? Yes that is correct, I hired logo designers for $5 on Fiverr, in fact I hired 2 logo designers for 5 dollars. I am going to show you the logo designs that I received on Fiverr, and deconstruct them from a graphic design point of view.

Have you ever used Fiverr before, maybe as a buyer or a seller? I’d like to hear your thoughts on the platform. I myself haven’t ever used, but I also have never sold a logo design for $5, and never will. I have a pretty strong opinion on this, but I guess each designer has their own hustle, and that’s their call. But personally, I feel it is selling oneself short as a logo designer, and that you should never sell a logo for $5. What are your thoughts of a logo design, or any design for that matter, going for 5 dollars?

The main point of this video though, is to deconstruct and analyse logo designs, in a format that you can actually learn something from. I hope you do find this video useful and interesting, and of course if you do then let me know in the comments section and drop a like on your way out. Subscribe to stay updated to all of my uploads and until next time, design your future today, peace

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