Humans for Nature by Amaury Garay, Paola Alvarez and Mauricio Trujillo | Redesign the World | Dezeen

The next finalists in Dezeen’s Redesign the World competition powered by Twinmotion are Amaury Garay, Paola Alvarez and Mauricio Trujillo, who envision a world where humans live in harmony with nature in small, technologically advanced villages.

The proposal, called Humans for Nature, imagines a world where vertical agricultural systems are connected via networks of waterways, while drones transport cargo through the air.

Here, humans and the built environment adapt to nature rather than nature adapting to humans.

The project reflects an ancestral world where our ancestors used holistic principles to design their civilisations.

Redesign the World is the ultimate design competition, which called for new ideas to rethink planet Earth to ensure that it remains habitable long into the future.

Launched in partnership with Epic Games, the contest asked entrants to visualise their concepts using architectural visualisation software Twinmotion.

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