Howard Caygill – Revisiting the Boulevard du Temple: Architecture and Proto-Photography

Lecture date: 2011-03-09

Photographers Gallery @ The AA

Howard Caygill has published extensively in the field of the history of philosophy and aesthetics. His books include ‘The Art of Judgment’, ‘Walter Benjamin: The Colour of Experience’ and ‘Levinas and the Political’.

Howard Caygill is Professor of Modern European Philosophy at the Centre for Modern European Philosophy, Kingston University/Paris VIII. He is currently working on the relationship between photographic and spectrographic imaging.The second part of the key speakers series run in conjunction with the Architectural Association featuring key photographers, writers and theorists. This series looks at photography rationalisation and depiction of architectural space and its role as a tool in deciphering the urban environment.

Prof Howard Caygill will present a reconsideration of Agamben’s reading of Daguerre’s photographs of the Boulevard du Temples, setting the image in the context of Daguerre’s earlier work on panoramic cityscapes and dioramas.


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