2 Geometric Blend Tool Logos designs!
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How to make geometric logo designs, with the Illustrator blend tool! I have 2 logo designs for you to create and experiment with, both of which make great use of the Illustrator blend tool. I do love the blend tool as it can be used in so many different ways, and in todays tutorial you will see how it can be used to make geometric logo or icon designs.

For those of you who are more towards the beginner side of things, you can check below as I have made a link to an Ai document download, where you can test your skills using the blend tool, in the same manner that we did in the tutorial today. The main techniques in using the blend tool for geometric logo design creation, and repeated in the document, and you can test yourself and your skills in Illustrator, to see if you’ve mastered the material in todays video.

So in this video tutorial on how to make geometric logo designs with the blend tool. you learn essentially how to make 2 different logo designs. However, the skills and techniques that you pick up in todays video, will enable you to make multiple and an almost infinite amount of logo designs, of a geometric style. A lot of the reason why I make such tutorials is to inspire others, to ignite that creativity, and to spur designers on to make their own creations. It is about learning how to make geometric designs, but then how to make them in your own style and way!

if you would like to see more logo design tutorials, or how to design other things with the blend tool, let me know down below. Like I said earlier, I do love the blend tool in Illustrator, as it’s very powerful and has many applications for us as graphic designers. You can also check out my playlists on logo design tutorials, or blend tool videos, as I have quite the library of content as of now.

If you did enjoy this Illustrator tutorial on 2 geometric logo designs, created using the blend tool, let me know in the comment section of todays video, and also drop a like on you way out too! Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already, for weekly graphic design content.

Here is a practice Ai sheet for you to DOWNLOAD!


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